Why books are the new business cards

Why books are the new business cards

When the media’s looking for someone to interview on the latest trends in your sector, do they contact you? Probably not. Because while your experience probably makes you more than qualified to speak, other experts in your field who have written books on the topic tend to be the ones that journalists contact.

This is a challenge many thought leaders face. What’s more frustrating is that those who are often pushing the boundaries with new ideas and disruptive approaches – a true thought leader – often don’t have time to write and publish their own work. It’s no secret that the higher you go on the professional ladder, the more your time is taken by various commitments and tasks.

Some CEOs take a month or two out of their schedules and concentrate on nothing else but writing. But how realistic is this for many, really? And with so many ideas clamouring for attention, the question can be; where to start? The most important thing is to get your ideas out of your head in whatever way is most efficient. And, for most people, that’s not typing, it’s speaking.

With this in mind, we can often identify ideal candidates – such as a client we’ve persuaded to take his book idea forward. Consequently, he’s decided to spend one hour a month working with us on a blog. We will brainstorm with him, interview him and share ideas, often while he’s travelling in his car to make the most of this ‘dead’ time, which will form the outline of his book.

Because like anything else, writing a book is just a series of steps, and one approach which works well is to look at a series of blogs, which can form the chapters of the book. This can help to make sense of thoughts, develop the flow of the conversation and – given the low word count of an effective blog – really drill down and create conciseness about the messages and points that you want to get across.

When you think about it, it’s a no-brainer. The blogs provide the ready content; his blogs area valuable library of ideas that can be refreshed and reused. And even better, if the blogs have been shared effectively, they already have an engaged audience – the key asset that many would-be authors don’t have when they start to write – through his loyal bank of readers, email subscribers, and followers on social media. We’re just helping to leverage this for even greater results.

When you write a book as a CEO of a business or a thought leader entrepreneur, it becomes like a super-charged, super-powerful business card. It has weight and authority to it; it positions you as a thought leader in your area and backs up the fact that you really can do what you say you can. One copy of your book in the right hands can easily translate into thousands of pounds’ worth of new business.

Yes, writing a book is a powerful way to establish your personal and/or company brand, but only if it’s done to the highest standards. That’s why we now offer From Blog To Book, a service helping busy professionals to start writing their book, and establish themselves as a thought leader, through a series of blogs. If you feel inspired, or simply want some more information, contact us at [email protected].



Posted: 3 August 2018

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