What’s Trending?

What’s Trending?

Our look on the latest social media trends…

Instagram’s #instaupdate

If you’ve been checking your IG feed at all in the last few weeks, you’ll have seen lots of posts telling you to ‘turn notifications on’. That’s because the social media giant is looking into moving away from chronological news feeds, and towards an algorithmic feed. However, this hasn’t gone down well.

After an uproar from users, Instagram has said they are listening to feedback and won’t be implementing the change immediately. There was even a claim it could be an early April Fools joke – maybe they should go back to the drawing board!

How mobile is your social content?

With Twitter and Facebook focusing on improving mobile experiences over the last few months, brands need to ensure they’re improving theirs too. Simply repurposing content for mobile is no longer enough. Businesses need to consider a mobile tailored content strategy that fits with the experience consumers expect from their mobile, whether that’s considering the length of a promo video or having a mobile optimised blog page.




LinkedIn and Instagram underdogs for engagement

Whilst many businesses focus on utilising Twitter and Facebook as the ‘top two’ social media platforms, some may be better off starting with a few of the smaller channels. Data shows that Instagram and LinkedIn rank much higher for engagement rate than other sites. So why not have a rethink and decide if your social media could do with a spring clean?

Michelle Kendall,

Social Media Consultant

Posted: 30 March 2016

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