What’s trending?

What’s trending?

Our look at the latest social media goings on…

Snapchat gets snappier…

Snapchat seems to be stepping up its rivalry with Facebook after a number of announcements over the last week.

First up, the network has unveiled its first piece of hardware; a pair of glasses. The specs are similar to Google Glass, coming in three colours and priced at around £100. Unsurprisingly, they’ll work directly with the SnapChat app, recording videos of up to 30 secs which can be looped and shared via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The site is reportedly losing the ‘chat’ too, with the Wall Street Journal writing that the company has registered the name ‘Snap Inc.’. It seems to make sense given the move into hardware and it’s certainly much, well, snappier!

Twitter relaxes its character count…

Before you get too excited, you still won’t be able to Tweet an essay, but Twitter are now excluding pictures, gifs, videos, polls and quoted Tweets from the 140-character limit.

It’s something which was announced a while ago, but the update has now begun to roll out to all profiles, giving people more room to explain the content their sharing. Interestingly though, the update doesn’t exclude web links from the character limit.

Enterprise Facebook could be here this month….

‘Facebook At Work’ began testing late last year, and after what seems like a long time, reports suggest that the social behemoths enterprise communications platform could be with us very soon.

It’s unclear how much subscription costs will be, but the site replicates many of Facebook’s public features and interfaces and the company believe that they have a winning formula for employee engagement.

by Michelle Kendall, Social Media Officer

Posted: 28 September 2016

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