What’s Trending?

What’s Trending?

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#Deletefacebook movement gathers pace

The Cambridge Analytica scandal has led to a flurry of people deleting their Facebook accounts. It’s not an easy thing to do; Facebook guides you to disable your account rather than delete it. When you do find the delete route it gives you the option to down a file of all the data the social network holds on you – which is becoming a source of further criticism. Those deleting their account are discovering that Facebook holds far more data than they expected, including complete logs of incoming and outgoing calls and text messages.


Instagram backtracks on algorithm

It’s fair to say that most people aren’t fans of algorithmic feeds – which show posts in the order the social network believes you’ll prefer. But whilst users often complain when new changes come in, it’s rare that platforms actually backtrack…until now. Instagram has announced an update which will make it “more likely” for newer posts to appear at the top of feeds. OK, so it’s not quite a return to chronological order, but it’s pleased many users.

Fit for purpose online ads are key

We all know that those annoying pop-ups and in-feed ads on social channels are necessary to keeping online content free, but a new study by IAB has found we don’t actually mind them, as long as they’re fit for purpose! Optimisation is key; the majority of adults aren’t annoyed by the adverts themselves but the fact that they’re unsuitable for the device they’re seeing them on.

Posted: 29 March 2018

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