What’s trending

What’s trending

2018 social media trends

The New Year brings with it the inevitable prediction posts and the social media ones are always particularly interesting. Many people are forecasting a rocky road ahead for Twitter, with internal problems and flagging user growth continuing into 2018. The recent doubling of the character count seems to have done little to boost the sites woes.


Messaging apps and artificial intelligence are hyped to be the key trends to watch this year. Platforms like WhatsApp are testing and launching business accounts which will take its marketing potential to another level.


Instagram’s latest feature packed update

December’s Instagram update was full of new features – several of which will be of interest to marketers. The ability to follow hashtags makes listening and finding content from fans much easier than before – removing the need to carry out multiple daily searches for key terms.

Another feature, which is being ‘quietly rolled out’ is a “recommended for you” section. It will show content from people you don’t follow but who your Instagram friends like or posts similar to ones you’ve interacted with. It’s comparable to what’s currently in the ‘following’ tab, but soon it will have its own homepage button – above the main feed.


Facebook tackles engagement bait

With engagement being the key to successful organic Facebook content, brands and pages have long been focusing posts on asking questions and encouraging fans to tag a friend or like and share posts. But now Facebook is cracking down on such posts, forcing brands to think even more creatively about content (or for you cynics – forcing them to put more money into promoting posts!).


So-called “engagement bait” isn’t being banned as such, but the networks algorithm will soon begin to demote posts from repeat offenders.

Posted: 2 January 2018

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