What’s Trending

What’s Trending

A look at the latest social media developments

Instagram hits 500m daily active users

The rapid growth of Instagram is continuing with the platform recently announcing it has 800million monthly active users, 500million of which check in daily. Not only that but time spent on Instagram is on the up, with recent additions like live stories seeing video views increase by 80%.

Businesses are starting to get to grips with advertising on the platform too, in just four months the number of companies paying to promote content has doubled, with much of growth being attributed to SMBs. It’s popularity means it could catch-up with parent company Facebook in the not too distant future.

Forget cold calls, think social selling

New research has found that millennials want to be sold to over social media, rather than over the phone. The social media generation are keen to learn about products via social media, and not just from their peers, with 45% more likely to prefer sales outreach via social than older generations.

 The research also showed that potential customers want to see more than a simple sales message, they’re interested in helpful content and industry news and they’ll be more inclined to follow if they see this.

WhatsApp heads for monetisation

Messaging giant WhatsApp has announced plans to release an enterprise app in order to help businesses better communicate with customers. The company also announced a free version for smaller businesses, but it’s yet to release further details about its functionality.

Many businesses are already using the platform as an alternative to text messaging or email marketing. According to WhatsApp, the enterprise solution will allow global companies “to provide customers with useful notifications like flight times, delivery confirmations, and other updates.”


Posted: 2 October 2017

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