What’s trending?

What’s trending?

Our look at the latest social media goings on…

WhatsApp makes the headlines

Following the terrible scenes in London last month, WhatsApp – the instant messaging platform – found itself in the headlines after it was reported that the man behind the attack had been using the app shortly before it happened.

Currently WhatsApp messages have end-to-end encryption – meaning they’re scrambled so only the sender and the recipient can read them – however Home Secretary Amber Rudd commented on the Andrew Marr show that such sites shouldn’t provide a ‘secret platform’ for terrorists.

Coca-Cola turns its back on YouTube

We all know that Facebook has video capabilities these days, but to see a brand eschew YouTube in favour of Zuckerberg’s platform is still a surprise. This is exactly what Coca-Cola has done however.

In an attempt to ‘bring the brand to life’ its launching a series of Diet Coke videos, fronted by Holly Willoughby, natively on Facebook – totally bypassing YouTube.

The multi-media nature and interactivity of Facebook certainly makes it much more appealing to a wider audience than YouTube, but we’ll be watching with interest to see how the series is received….and how YouTube reacts!

The art of timing isn’t just for comedians

We all know that the art of comedy is in the timing, but so too is social media! Many an ill-timed tweet has landed celebrities and brands in hot-water, but acting quickly to a trending topic or current affairs is just as essential on social channels as it in with a press release.

Of course, it may mean responding quickly on a Sunday afternoon when the last thing you want to be doing is working, but the effort will certainly pay off.

Posted: 31 March 2017

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