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What’s Trending

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77% of Content is Shared Via Dark Social

Just 23% of content from publishers and marketers is shared on public social networks. Dark social – social media channels that marketers cannot control or gain insights into, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp – presents a great opportunity but also a problem in understanding its effectiveness.

Research from RadiumOne earlier this year revealed that 77% of content shared is via dark social, providing a staggering 80% of UK mobile clickbacks. However, budgets don’t reflect this, with a separate study showing that over 90% of social and sharing marketing investment is going to public social networks.

Instagram launches live video

In a new feature which feels part Facebook Live, part Snapchat, Instagram Live Video  started to roll out across US late last year. It will allow users to broadcast via Instagram Stories for up to an hour, much like Facebook Live, but the video will disappear once the recording ends.

Many have questioned what is the point of the feature is if it disappears so quickly, but Instagram is keen to make people “feel comfortable sharing what you want, anytime,” taking the pressure and longevity off social sharing.

We can see this feature being great for brands in future to give people behind the scenes insights that are time-dependent, such product launches, press conferences or even non-sensitive business meetings!

Facebook steps up against Fake News

Facebook came in for a lot of criticism in 2016 for not doing enough to prevent the spread of fake news. It’s now launching a number of measures to start to combat the problem, including a button which will enable users to flag stories they believe to be false.

Interestingly though, the stories won’t be removed altogether. Instead a banner will appear under the post highlighting that the news is fake, it’ll be bumped down feeds and the promoter won’t be able to use the item in an advert.

Let us know if we’ve missed anything :-).

Posted: 3 January 2017

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