What’s trending?

What’s trending?

Our look at the latest social media shenanigans …

Just last month Facebook launched its new 360 video technology, Instagram reached 500 million users and it has been predicted that Snapchat will surpass its rivals and grow by 27%. Perhaps unsurprisingly, social media continues to evolve almost daily.

As we take a look at the latest socials news, we’ve also delved into the world of apps and found some handy guides from the latest holiday must-have to the best app to stay on top of the Euros.

Microsoft Acquires LinkedIn

Social networking platform LinkedIn has been bought by Microsoft for a whopping £18m. The tech-giant paid 50% more than the share price in a bid to boost sales of its business and email software.

It’s expected that the network will eventually be deeply integrated with other Microsoft services such as Office 365, Exchange and Outlook. Although they assured users that LinkedIn would retain its “distinct brand, culture and independence”.

Instagram hits 500m users

It may only be known for selfies and pictures of breakfast to most, but Instagram can now boast of having 500million users worldwide. The app, which is owned by Facebook, has grown 25% since September 2015, adding an impressive 10million new users a month.

How does it stack up though…?

  • Facebook – 1590m users
  • WhatsApp – 1000m users
  • Instagram – 500m users
  • Twitter – 400m users
  • Snapchat – 200m users
  • Pinterest – 100m users

Half of businesses now have a social media policy

 New research shows that almost 50% of businesses now have a social media policy in place, however 77% of employees ignore them. Though it may sound like a scary figure, the reasons employees give for flouting the rules are surprising; 24% use social channels to maintain professional connections and a fifth for research to assist their work.


Apps we’re loving…

Michelle’s pick: Just for fun – Masquerade

If your selfies are just not exciting enough anymore, then this is or you! The app applies ‘live selfie filters’ to photos and videos, so you can be Batman on Monday and a lion on Saturday!

Gail’s pick: Fitness – Moves

Wristband activity trackers aren’t always appropriate – think business meetings and weddings – but still if you’re not tracking your activity you may as well just be stuck on the sofa, right!? The Moves app isn’t as advanced as most wearables, but it’ll do the basics like step and distance measurement whilst your phone is in your pocket or handbag.

Andrea’s pick: Holiday perfect – iTranslate

The holiday season is upon us. No more need for a phrase book (or three!), you can now just download an app. The iTranslate app lets you read, write and speak in 90 languages; one great feature is the voice to text – simply dictate in English and the app will write it in a language of your choice. We won’t comment on your accent.

Clare’s pick: Dry washing companion – Dark Sky

Fed up of bringing the washing in because your weather app say’s it’s likely to rain, only for there to be a good two hours of quality washing drying weather left? The Dark Sky app is a hyperlocal weather app with up-to-the minute forecasts, making it super accurate and very useful for dog walks, Sunday football games and picnics!

Patrick’s pick: For the football fans – UEFA Euro 2016 app

For the non-fans it may feel like the Euros has already been on forever, but for those who love it, we’re just getting to the most exciting stages. The official tournament app has up-to-date news, scores and stats.

Michelle Kendall

Social Media Consultant

Posted: 1 July 2016

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