The Six Degrees of Knutsford

The Six Degrees of Knutsford

Everyone knows the six degrees of Kevin Bacon and that you can trace a connection with any film you can think of back to him – within six steps.

We’re beginning to think the same is true about Knutsford – it’s such a connected town. Since Andrea & I found ourselves in Knutsford, and took the decision to set up Firework PR, we appear to have become an integral part of our six degrees of Knutsford concept. Our decision to base ourselves on Booths Park in Knutsford certainly kicked it all off, generating a host of opportunities that we’ve been able to capitalise on.

Today was an excellent example of this.

We had the chance to organise an event, which involved the Chancellor – who just happens to be our local MP here in Knutsford. It took place at one of the local primary schools, St Vincent’s, a school close to my heart as it is the school my children attend and does amazing things. The event was all about showcasing the work of one of our clients, Food Dudes – also based here on Booths Park. The Food Dudes team has been running a trial of its healthy eating programme at St Vincents, which encourages children to make healthy choices when eating. It’s all about choosing fruit and vegetables rather than salty, sugary or high fat foods – fairly straight forward options for us adults but critical to educate the next generation before they get into bad habits. The Year 4 children at St Vincent’s have embraced the concept and it was a delight to hear children talking about ‘loving mange tout’!

So not only we were able to bring together some of our connections here in Knutsford to the benefit of everyone involved, the event was a resounding success. Of course it also brought together some key elements of our work with the highlight of giving everyone the opportunity to meet the Chancellor.

We know how important personal recommendations are within our industry but never imagined that Knutsford would be so well connected. We certainly never conceived that our location – a very small Cheshire town– could prove so pivotal to our success. We’re pretty intrigued to see where this takes us in the future and to test our six degrees of Knutsford idea further in the future. We’ll let you know how it goes.

Clare Wall
Director of Firework PR

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Posted: 13 December 2013

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