Is your content still enticing?

Is your content still enticing?

Content is still king in terms of attracting and engaging audiences – whether existing customers or new prospects. But how do you keep it relevant, engaging, interesting and, if you’re after PR coverage, attention-grabbing?


Here at Firework, we’re big advocates of newsjacking; commenting on stories that are capturing the public interest.  Whether you’re reaching out to consumers or building a business story, below are three easy examples of headline dominating industry issues that have broken since our last newsletter – all of which are suited to newsjacking.  Can you name any organisation which has successfully created a newsjacking campaign based around these?  We don’t mean just developing an opinion on the below, but actively contributing to the industry debate that is rocking every single industry, engaging with influencers and understanding who is concerned about what, and why?  Without this empathy, is it possible to create content and coverage that appeals without alienating audiences.

  • Triggering Article 50 – life from now to Brexit and beyond
  • The Apprenticeship Levy – how are you planning to maximise this fund for your organisation?
  • The Government’s Industrial Strategy and Digital Strategy – what do they mean for your business

Are these stories that could put you in the thought leadership driving seat? Or could they simply be topics on which you could engage with your target audiences prompting interest, engagement and even sales?

So how do you go about a newsjacking campaign?

Here are a few pointers to get you started: –

  • Start with looking at what’s been going on in your industry
  • What news stories have been grabbing the headlines?
  • What’s been on your own calendar agenda?

Targeting consumers?  Here are some of the stories that I’m sure won’t have passed you by:

  1. Celebrity births: Cheryl Fernandez-Versini
  2. Easter holidays: kids, food, home, garden
  3. Festival season: Glastonbury 2017

Whether consumers are planning a date night (hotels, restaurants, mini breaks, transport deals), wanting gift guides or top tips on the most favourite presents, or looking for ‘eggtastic’ plans for the family, from National Trust adventures through to the latest family friendly outings, everyone’s looking for easy ideas to make memorable memories – and that means the media are after content, content, content.

Sports fans certainly won’t have missed the highs and the lows of the greatest events?

  1. The Grand National
  2. The Premier League/Champions League – and the numerous others
  3. Wimbledon 2017 and the start of the tennis season

From which ticket to purchase, what merchandise to buy, or loyalty reward points to collect, leisure time remains painfully competitive against juggling family and friends priorities – sports fans want to know the latest offers, innovations and best places to get a great experience.

Why do this?

Regardless of your audience, it’s certain that there are industry markers that provide easy ‘hooks’ (opportunities to monitor, see who is saying what, and find a gap that accentuates your strengths in your proposition – be it a service, product or experience. There are industry awards, roundtables, events, and occasions – not necessarily for sponsorship (although this can be useful when part of an integrated marketing approach) but more for taking part/engaging/contributing to. It does take time and some concerted effort, but the effect of this investment will result in great content and coverage when packaged into an opinion and story relevant to your business.



Posted: 31 March 2017

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