The breadth of PR- from The Gherkin to 11 Downing Street

The breadth of PR- from The Gherkin to 11 Downing Street

This week sees the next phase of an exciting new era for our client – charity Find a Better Way – which will be launching its five year vision to key members of the British Government later this week.

The event is taking place at 11 Downing Street and is a reminder to us here at Firework PR of the breadth of work that the ‘Public Relations’ industry gets involved in.

We’ve been delighted to be involved in different areas of the event. Some of the preparation is undoubtedly about media strategy and ensuring key journalists are informed about this new phase of Find a Better Way’s future. But fundamentally, it’s also about ensuring there is a consistent story and messaging that is taken out to all audiences – tweaked to their preferences and interests of course – but fundamentally communicating the key facts about Find a Better Way’s vision for the future – focused on the next five years.

In addition, it’s been about ensuring the right influencers are there, that there is an ambassador on behalf of Find a Better to help spread the word about the fundraising that Find a Better Way is spearheading to ensure the research and innovation progresses and delivers to help eradicate the devastating impact that landmines cause when undetected and removed safely.

We’ve talked before about the definition of ‘Public Relations’ and what activity is included under this umbrella – last time from The Gherkin in London. We believe it’s about influencing audiences – from media, bloggers, industry bodies through to analysts – and here is a good example of operating on behalf of a charity to reach prospective donors directly, at the heart of the British Government.

There will be a mix of excitement and an element of trepidation this week as we undertake the final preparations for the trip to 11 Downing Street and work closely with the inspiring team at Find A Better Way to ensure that all aspects of the event are full accounted for.

It will certainly be an unusual few hours to have no access to public communication channels but rest assured, the team back at the office will be ready to disseminate information as required. So please do watch this space as we report back on the outcome of the evening and share any resulting news.

Andrea Hounsham,
Director of Firework PR

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Posted: 2 March 2015

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