The best headline so far in 2013 goes to…

The best headline so far in 2013 goes to…

The full article can be found here at Mobile Industry Review. It’s brilliant and very entertaining, but overall completely damning about Sky Go; and you only have to read a few of the comments to consider how this might be impacting service take-up.

It’s certainly given us a ‘golden’ case study for future media training sessions and whenever a client questions the need to invest in a crisis communications plan or challenges our recommendations that it’s simply too early to go-to-market with their product or service (which we do often tell people), I’m sure we’ll be referring to this article again, and again.

It’s a stark reminder that despite all the investment a company makes in a slick brand development, messaging and positioning, at the end of the day if a product or service can’t stand up to scrutiny in the market, all that marketing investment is frankly… well, a bit worthless. The job of any good PR is to manage journalist expectations. And that means telling journalists what a company’s product can’t do, just as much as what it can. Good PR is about being straight, delivering the facts and not over-hyping or exaggerating. It only takes one journalist to tarnish a company’s product or reputation which proves the argument. If you are a company or organisation already investing in proactive PR, don’t forget to invest the time in a reactive policy. You might never need it, but if you find yourselves in Sky’s position, you’ll be rather pleased you did.

If you want some advice about taking a new product to market or re-launching an one, or perhaps are worried that you don’t have a plan in place to know what to do when a crisis happens, why not contact us. Of course, you might simply want to avoid ever getting this message in print about your company, people, product or service…

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Andrea Hounsham,
Director of Firework PR

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Posted: 23 March 2013

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