Thank F*** it’s Friday

Thank F*** it’s Friday



The F-word intended here is naturally ‘flip’; but the question is, did this inspire you to read the blog? A report from eConsultancy last Friday revealed a great digital stat: apparently the open-rate for emails that included a swear word in the subject line increased by 28.6%.

We’re not advocating incorporating swear words in regular corporate communication, which is essentially professional and more formal in nature. It’s over-stepping the mark in our opinion and something you don’t need to resort to attract attention, especially if you’re successfully developing engaging content.

However, it does emphasise the importance of word choice in making sure your communications gain attention with the people you’re trying to reach. And we believe using the right words can play a big part in getting across your message. As a result, we’re advocates of relying on a broad vocabulary. It doesn’t have to be pretentious, nor does it have to mean long words within convoluted expressions. Content still needs to be concise, compelling and insightful. But different words make for more engaging and interesting reading. In fact, there’s even a word for the bad choice or use of the wrong word – cacology.

Here are ten under-used words (in our opinion) that we’re really enjoying at the moment.

  1. Audacious
  2. Pique
  3. Candid
  4. Enigma
  5. Evocative
  6. Eclectic
  7. Bereft
  8. Epiphany
  9. Magnanimous
  10. Nuance

And we aren’t advocating different words for the sake of it. We’re equally supporters of banning over-hyped words. ‘Disruption’ is one of those high on our list at the moment. So many things – products, services, inventions – are positioned in this way. But we question the over-use of this word to be honest. Surely the word that is equally effective in this context is ‘change’ – so it’s intriguing to see why some terms become almost fashionable, as if only really discovered.

Here are ten words or statements that we try to avoid – although admittedly succumb to at times,

  1. Disruptive
  2. Reach out
  3. Action that
  4. Literally
  5. Obviously
  6. Touch base
  7. Synergy
  8. Drill down
  9. Going forward
  10. Leverage

Real-time is another irritating business term, but we can’t find a suitable alternative. What words do you like to use, that communicate exactly what you want in a very effective way?

Andrea Hounsham

Director & Co-Owner of Firework PR

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Posted: 26 February 2016

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