A taste of Bali Health Lounge paradise

A taste of Bali Health Lounge paradise

Earlier this month, the Firework team was lucky enough to enjoy a luxurious break from work at Manchester’s best kept secret, Bali Health Lounge.

An innovative urban day spa, relaxation lounge and teahouse, Bali Health Lounge is the perfect place to escape the stresses of daily life. It also happens to be one of Firework PR’s latest clients and the team there – very kindly – thought it would be helpful if we experienced the treatments first hand; quite a nice perk of the job for the Firework team.

Offering treatments including Payot prescriptive facials, holistic and healing therapies, waxing and manicures, we opted for the signature full body massage. Little did we know we were about to experience a slice of heaven.

When you walk into Bali Health Lounge you are immediately struck by a sense of tranquility. The infusing aromas and softening sounds transport you into a world of relaxation. The highly skilled (and certified of course) therapists create a very inviting environment and put any pre-conceived reservations firmly at ease – certainly the case for one of the Fireworkers, who had never experienced the pleasure of a great massage. One thing we all noticed was how incredibly intuitive the therapists were; they seemed to know our problem areas instantly and demonstrated their expertise.

The treatment suites are their own little haven and can be adapted to an individual’s every need. This is certainly one of the things we really valued during our trip to Bali – everything was tailored to each of our needs. Clare, a regular when it comes to massages, claimed it to be one of the best massages she’d ever had and will definitely be coming back for more.

For me, massages have somehow slipped out of my life since having children, feeling too busy for such luxuries. Yet I had forgotten quite how rejuvenated they make you feel and will be doing my best to put them back on the agenda now. I noticed the benefits straight away and took away quite a few tips from my therapist on how to take better care of myself!

The journey was rounded off very nicely with a range of flower, oolong, white and pureh teas, another unique aspect of Bali Health Lounge. It was a perfect ending to a perfect experience – we’d say Bali Health Lounge is definitely Manchester’s slice of paradise. We may be a little biased but it’s certainly provided us the ideal insight into its USPs and the whole team has been given a boost of additional motivation when it comes to promoting this great urban spa concept to the North West and beyond.

Andrea Hounsham,
Director of Firework PR

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Posted: 28 May 2015

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