How to spot the signs if your company needs PR

How to spot the signs if your company needs PR
  1. Your media centre (online press page) is more than one month out of date
  2. The case studies on your website don’t include any recent success stories
  3. You haven’t written any press releases to announce new customer wins
  4. Your staff don’t know your key corporate messages (let alone target audiences)
  5. You struggle to find your company website when searching with relevant words
  6. You need to agree positioning on key industry topics
  7. Your top industry media and bloggers aren’t aware of you
  8. You have still to establish a regular blog
  9. You don’t have a digital marketing strategy
  10. Your marketing person/team keeps asking about sorting PR

Wondering where to start? Choose a PR partner that can help you work out some succinct corporate messages and begin with some unique content that will appeal to your customers and prospect.


Andrea Hounsham
Director & Owner of Firework PR

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Posted: 4 January 2016

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