PR – Appointment to View

PR – Appointment to View

For those of you keen to get the inside track of the PR industry and what our everyday life is like – naturally – make sure you’ve got the 1st July flagged in your diary. It’s the launch of the new Ab Fab film so securing early premier tickets will certainly be the order of the day.

An ‘homage’ to the much loved 90s TV show inspired by PR guru Lynn Franks, the film was also written by Jennifer Saunders and has an eclectic range of cameo roles already lined up, from Kate Moss to Janette Crankie, promising absurdity on a brand new level.

We’re expecting some suitably amusing nuggets including desperate attempts to cling onto Patsy and Edina’s youth, unpolitical reporting on women’s issues, surreal yoga scenes, champagne swilling and shambolically organised PR events along with a decent A-list of fashion names, as the pair try to cling on to their notional PR careers.

With early reporting claiming partying getting out of hand during filming, we’ve got Jo, here at Firework, watching the box set in preparation. Enjoy, if only our PR life was quite as audacious.

Andrea Hounsham
Director & Co-Owner of Firework PR

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Posted: 19 January 2016

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