News and Views

News and Views

The latest from the Firework crew…

Unlike a puppy, PR can just be for Christmas

26 May 2017

5 steps to ensure your communications are Brexit ready

31 March 2017

Is your content still enticing?

31 March 2017

Firework PR puts best foot forward for Chipmunks

31 March 2017

Firework PR lights up WIFF Candles

31 March 2017

Firework ignites creative services for SMEs

9 March 2017

Firestarter: creating the spark to ignite your startup

9 March 2017

Firework PR Promotes Top Female Talent

8 March 2017

First Fake News, Now Fake Branding

6 March 2017

Is your content up to a message mission?

13 February 2017

Why it’s vital that charities are up to the Media Maelstrom

2 February 2017

Brand engagement isn’t just for Christmas

21 December 2016

Hobson May Collection employs Firework PR to raise brand awareness

13 December 2016

The Adrenaline Inducing Business of Event PR

22 November 2016

Five minutes with… Joanne O’Connell

18 October 2016

Manchester charity chooses Firework PR for brand building campaign

28 September 2016

What’s trending?

28 September 2016

Does Channel 4 have a brand bun in the oven…or just a soggy bottom?

28 September 2016

Together in perfect harmony…

23 September 2016

How PR can beat the ‘back to school’ (and work) blues

27 August 2016

Don’t fall at the final hurdle

12 August 2016

Is it really all about ping pong?

15 July 2016

Distractingly good – disruptive and accessible video for all

4 July 2016

What’s trending?

1 July 2016

Anyone for Tennis?

30 June 2016

The most shocking result of the EU referendum? A catastrophic communications failure

24 June 2016

How close to the action can we get?

13 June 2016

Fan engagement – football’s ultimate goal

6 June 2016

Transfer News

23 May 2016

The Experience Economy

10 May 2016

Using engagement to turn followers into brand advocates

1 April 2016

What’s Trending?

30 March 2016

The sporting powerhouse that is Manchester

22 March 2016

Thank F*** it’s Friday

26 February 2016

Spring is in the air for Firework PR

24 February 2016

The Motorhome Holiday Company takes to the road with Firework PR

5 February 2016

Firework secures campaign for award-winning dashboard software brand Dynistics

20 January 2016

PR – Appointment to View

19 January 2016

Snapping at the Heels of Opportunity…

15 January 2016

How to spot the signs if your company needs PR

4 January 2016

Lunchtime Food for Thought…

16 December 2015

A New Look for 2016

11 December 2015

Practice makes perfect… as do tips, tricks and techniques

1 December 2015

Put PR in charge of your technology talent spotting…

17 November 2015

Sir Bobby Charlton helps Firework raise money for Children in Need

13 November 2015

Can PR Drive New Business?

9 November 2015

Could video be your best marketing investment yet?

3 November 2015

Born Survivor Powers into PR

10 October 2015

Read all about it? Not at the moment we don’t…

11 September 2015

Sweet win for Firework PR

27 August 2015

Firework raises the bar with full-service law provider win

12 June 2015

A taste of Bali Health Lounge paradise

28 May 2015

Firework strengthens consumer leisure credentials with urban health spa win

7 May 2015

Delta Comtech connects with Firework PR

27 April 2015

No more ‘what happens if you get pregnant?

13 April 2015

Little BigHeads proves it’s a cut above for kids

13 March 2015

The breadth of PR- from The Gherkin to 11 Downing Street

2 March 2015

Are media sell-ins outmoded? Surely not…

28 January 2015

Are you calling our content fat?

15 January 2015

The power of event-led PR

15 December 2014

How to be your PR agency’s favourite client- and why…

25 November 2014

Live Long & Prosper… Manchester!

19 November 2014

Turn the pressures of technology into potential – the opportunity for PR?

20 October 2014

Firework PR Finds A Better Way to drive awareness for North West charity

17 October 2014

The Chancellor delivers vote of confidence to Sir Bobby Charlton’s Charity

17 October 2014

Selling the sizzle, not the sausage

17 September 2014

Soccerex hits the North West with Manchester’s greatest adopted son

8 September 2014

Firework PR reaps the rewards of retail therapy with Symphony EYC

14 July 2014

Sports personalities bring luxury brands alive

1 July 2014

Sporting success for Firework PR

20 May 2014

News-jacking- a proven way to get coverage

16 April 2014

Happy New Year for Firework PR as Manchester’s hires for corporate brief

20 January 2014

Chancellor George Osbourne meets the Food Dudes

13 December 2013

The Six Degrees of Knutsford

13 December 2013

Firework PR lands a tasty PR opportunity with Food Dudes

1 November 2013

Are you sitting comfortably?

24 September 2013

Firework PR scores second win with Advanced Business Solutions

5 August 2013

The Mere counts down to Boodles Classique

25 June 2013

Tennis stars to spring into Knutsford later this summer

16 April 2013

Smart content – what’s new about that?

16 April 2013

The best headline so far in 2013 goes to…

23 March 2013

Food provenance, PR and celebrating TasteNW in the North West

14 February 2013

Firework PR signs a new year with The Mere

12 January 2013

Happy New Year for the Pudding Club

7 January 2013

Business on the doorstep- a new client for Firework PR

20 December 2012

Starbucks, Reputation Damage and PR

6 December 2012

Meeting the great Albert Finney, one of Salford’s finest

30 November 2012

Working on the business, not in the business

10 October 2012

The power of local networking

27 September 2012

Calling small businesses in the North West- we want to hear from you

13 June 2012

Trusted PR networks for successful recruitment

31 May 2012

The North West does it better…

24 April 2012

Virtual Agencies: Lean, mean PR machine

19 March 2012