Live Long & Prosper… Manchester!

Live Long & Prosper… Manchester!

Despite the division from councillors in Greater Manchester, businesses of all sizes across the region have welcomed the recent decision from Chancellor George Osborne to appoint the city’s first mayor and £1 billion of city controlled spending power.

It’s not difficult to argue that this represents a massive vote of prosperity for the city and businesses based in the North West.

As well as a larger transport system allowing further access to Manchester’s booming industries, a skills budget that will offer financial incentives to local businesses, the appointment of a mayor also establishes Manchester’s reputation internationally. It offers a spokesperson who can represent the highly motivated and opinionated business community on the global stage.

Manchester has long been recognised as a growing powerhouse of culture and commerce, which was affirmed by the BBC’s bold move to Salford in 2010. The creative and media landscape is now thriving in response as seen by the growth in MediaCity. Prospects for the North West media industry are bright; local graduates from the major North West Universities can feel proud to be starting out in an industry that its region takes very seriously.

With the prospect of a greater level of autonomy, the outlook for North West businesses is exciting and something we’re passionate about being part of.

Firework was born out of a circumstantial move from the southern heritage of its founders to the North West. But we like to think that fortune favours the brave and we are very thankful for the coincidence around those circumstances which meant we both found ourselves based ‘oop north’. Over the last three years, we’ve discovered the North West to be a truly prosperous and fun place to do business and now….. even the Chancellor has deemed it so.

Clare Wall,
Director of Firework PR

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Posted: 19 November 2014

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