Firework PR launches From Blog to Book service

Firework PR launches From Blog to Book service

Writing a book is a powerful way to establish your personal or company brand, but it feels like such a monumental task that you don’t know where to even start. That’s why Firework PR has launched From Blog to Book, a service to help busy professionals to start writing their book and establish them as a thought leader in their field.

Becoming a go-to spokesperson in their field is a challenge many business leaders face. While their experience makes them more than qualified to speak on the latest trends in their sector, their contemporaries who have written books on the topic tend to be the ones that journalists contact.

Andrea Hounsham, Director of Firework PR, comments: “When you write a book – whether you’re a CEO of an organisation or an entrepreneur with a new idea or insights – it adds credibility and authority to your opinions. Not only does it position you as a thought leader in your area, it demonstrates that you really can do what you say you can. One copy of your book in the right hands has been shown to translate into significant new business opportunities.

However, the question can be, where to start? This service will help consolidate your views by ghost writing a series of blogs for them, which can then inform the chapters of the book. This can make sense of numerous ideas and thoughts, creating conciseness about the messages and points that you want to get across.

Existing client, Matt Sims – CEO and Founder of The Motorhome Holiday Company, is looking to embark on a new adventure and take his book idea forward. He has committed to spend one hour a month working with us on a blog which will form the outline of his book.

Matt Sims comments: “Despite having ambitions to write a book for quite a while now, it’s difficult to prioritise the time to get started whilst running several businesses. Firework’s concept of an hour a month appealed to me. It is taking away the hassle, flattens the apparent mountain and makes it easy! I now believe we can really make this happen. We already have a great relationship with Firework, I know they can write well, so I trust them to bring alive my ideas in a really compelling way.”

Blogs are already a proven way to provide unique content on a businesses’ website. This becomes a valuable library of ideas that can be shared to establish an engaged audience – the key asset that many would-be authors don’t have when they start to write – through a loyal bank of readers, email subscribers, and followers on social media. From Blog to Book takes this concept further for business leaders looking to build their profile or awareness of their business.

If you feel inspired, or simply want some more information on beginning your own book, contact Firework PR at [email protected]

Posted: 3 August 2018

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