Firework ignites creative services for SMEs

Firework ignites creative services for SMEs

Boutique agency develops tailor-made PR solutions for startups and SMEs

Knutsford, 9th March 2017: Firework PR, a boutique public relations agency based in Cheshire, has developed two new packaged services aimed at startups and SMEs looking to elevate their growing business. The services will be managed and delivered by Firework’s Associate Directors, Emma Beardsley and Gail Titchener.

Says Gail: ‘A recent poll from the Forum of Private Business revealed that while 64% of smaller enterprises said that effective public relations had given their business ‘great results’ in the past, one in ten said that while they thought that PR could help them, they “didn’t know where to start.”

“I was instrumental in reinvigorating the now renowned Altrincham market, working to get numerous small businesses involved and helping to regenerate this area of the town. The market’s recent rebranding has been an incredible success, giving many local North West businesses a platform to reach a huge number of new consumers and achieve awareness across the UK. This experience really whet my appetite for helping startups and growing businesses to tell their stories, so I am very excited to be working in this area again.”

As a result, Firework PR has developed two dedicated launch packages. The first, Firestarter, is an introductory PR package designed to help new businesses to create their brand story and share it with their audience. Firework will work with each startup to build its company messages, identify its key target markets, introduce them to key contacts in their industry and ‘launch’ the business officially over an 6-8-week period.

For those looking for a more extensive package, Firestoker will develop a business’ launch story and announce the business to the key media and bloggers over a 12-week period. It will create engaging releases and social content and profile the people behind the brand to build trust and credibility. This is suitable for both startups and growing businesses ready to talk about milestones achieved over the first 12-24 months in business.

Still unsure about dipping your toe in the water? The team will also be offering an initial one hour consultation to local businesses at their new monthly PR clinic, to provide initial advice and an assessment of their PR opportunity.

Says Emma: “The idea is that local businesses will be able to use the support and advice we offer to find out more about how PR works and see how it could help them. We will give practical recommendations of how to use PR to support what they want to achieve – be it awareness, growth, etc – so they can move forward successfully. If they then go on to choose one of our Firestarter packages, there’s be no charge for the session.”

For further information, read our new startups and SME service page here.


Posted: 9 March 2017

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