Distractingly good – disruptive and accessible video for all

Distractingly good – disruptive and accessible video for all

Traditional methods of PR are going out the window as the digital world takes over. Companies are increasing investing in content as part of the mix, with the incorporation of video becoming a must area for driving engagement on digital channels. None of this is new, even though we’d argue that many still don’t understand what ‘digital PR’ is (but that’s another article….). However, what is new is how companies now feel left behind if they aren’t active in this sector.

A new report this week claimed 55% of SMBs insist on using video as part of their content marketing, whilst 84% of marketeers have commissioned a video in the last 12 months. More importantly, 76% see a return on investment from this activity.

We’re encouraging clients to try out video as part of their news stories as more and more press releases include visual elements. For social media, it’s becoming critical – video tweets are able to last up to 140 seconds and are proving popular with increased click through rates. At the same time, Periscope is on the rise with over 200 million broadcasts recorded as customers and prospects become increasingly fascinated in live video.


What we’re loving is the move to more informal roughly shot videos. High definition video is possible from smartphones, without formal set ups. For us, it is not about the quality of the footage in all cases but instead, the quality of the message and the story you’re trying to tell that is more important. By simply using your imagination and getting a bit creative, you may find that the answer to your video woes has been in your pocket all along.

Click here for some of our favourite examples of video marketing to date – it’s worth a click through just to see Taylor Swift looking distractingly good…

Andrea Hounsham

Director & Co-Owner of Firework PR

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Posted: 4 July 2016

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