Could video be your best marketing investment yet?

Could video be your best marketing investment yet?

2015 has arguably been the biggest year yet for video content.

At the recent Content Marketing Association annual conference, Chief Executive Claire Hill said that content marketing is the fastest growing area of the marketing mix with UK brands spending some £5.2 billion on content this year. This figure is expected to grow by 25% according to analyst company Enders Analysis, with video fast becoming the content of choice for many campaigns.

But the shift in content investment whilst driven by social media is fast becoming the medium of choice for businesses, particularly in the area of video. According to Forbes, 75% of executives watch videos while working and 65% prefer video to text. So why is video so powerful and popular? Forrester research reports that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words and viewers’ recall of a video ad they have seen in the past 30 days is 80%, with a further 26% of viewers looking for further information about a company or product, 22% of viewers visiting the website and a further 12% making a purchase.

However, the success of video doesn’t stop at viewer engagement. The Marketeer’s Summary 2014 states that 52% of marketing professionals worldwide named video content as the content with the best ROI. With the help of video analytics, marketeers can see not only that their content was viewed, but how much was viewed, in what order, from what geographic location and much more. They can then use this insight to gauge the success of their campaigns, and improve on their strategy going forward.

Of course the other huge bonus about video today is its flexibility. Content marketing is the art of doing more with less, and there’s no question that video does this superbly. The ability to integrate and efficiently repurpose and combine segments of existing video enables marketeers to create an entirely new communication channel to reach new audiences faster. There is an economical asset to the growing trend of producing multiple video content assets, from one piece of original content. This content can then be embedded on websites, shared in personalised email campaigns, used to communicate with an organisation’s sales team, existing customers and prospects, not to mention integrate in PR campaigns in the form of video news releases and vlogs (more on this in a later blog).

With Facebook reportedly moving its attention from video to virtual reality next year, following the massive consumer shift from photo to video, we can be reassured that the social brand leaders will propel us forward. However, if you are reading this and wondering how to jump on this opportunity, why not give us a call. We can help turn static content into a meaningful and engaging video asset that can used for multiple campaigns

Clare Wall
Director and co-founder Firework PR


Posted: 3 November 2015

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