Taking the lead on organisational analytics

Taking the lead on organisational analytics

Dynistics is a VC funded, UK based company delivering dashboard solutions for any type of organisation needing to visualise its data.   Its technology can help organisations change the way people use data, creating a culture of analytics driven by real-time, visual business intelligence.  The company engaged with Firework to create a strategic PR campaign aimed at redefining its brand and creating awareness for its products in a number of vertical markets, initially Further Education and Recruitment followed by Manufacturing and Marketing.

The Brief

Dynistics operates in a highly competitive market and there are many brands competing for ‘share of voice’ and so the challenge for them was to clearly understand its USP in order to promote and position its services competitively.  Firework started by helping the Dynistics team to define its message, proposition and audience by running a messaging workshop with the key stakeholders.  The session focused on identifying the issues in vertical markets Dynistics was targeting such as manufacturing, education and recruitment and how its product helped provide solutions for these organisations.  Once the messaging was agreed, Firework devised a strategic campaign which combined a number of elements: content development, press office, media engagement, influencer engagement and the targeting of industry awards.  The campaign was focused around the key sectors of education, recruitment and manufacturing as well as targeting a business audience of Marketing Directors, Sales Directors and HR Directors.


Firework delivered message framework tailored by audience and created a bank of content including press releases, case studies, blogs, articles and award entries.  The team secured a total of 45 pieces of coverage across the key media reaching a total audience of over 3.3 million.  In addition, the team also secured a speaking opportunity for Managing Director Robert Dagge at Recruitment Agency Expo and attendance at the FT Manufacturing Summit which led to an invite onto the All Parliamentary Party Committee on Data Management.