With the increasingly controversial subject of sugar dominating the news agenda, Manchester based insight and innovation agency, Agent hosted the ‘Sugar Summit’. Firework liaised with trade media and confirmed attendees from The Grocer and Marketing magazine, securing national coverage.


Firework’s brief was two-fold; to launch and attract attendees to the ‘Sugar Summit’ whilst placing an exclusive feature around Agent’s research findings uncovering what consumers really thought about ‘sugar’.


Firework targeted marketing and NW business media with the ‘Sugar Summit’ announcement as well as specifically identifying The Grocer as the target title for an exclusive feature. Agent and Firework worked together to develop key messaging and findings that would be of real value to The Grocer. Firework worked closely with The Grocer to ensure the feature was on message and supported the research findings.


Event coverage was achieved in North West business and marketing media. The Grocer ran a feature on the research findings and the Sugar Summit whilst Marketing magazine also ran an article featuring headline statistics from the ‘Sugar Summit’ report.


"Firework had a very persistent approach when targeting the media. The team came up with a compelling media strategy to generate discussion and interest around the event and the wider topic of sugar. Agent had significant coverage in both of our top tier titles and we were delighted with the results."
Lynne Barcoe, Partner, Agent