Can PR Drive New Business?

Can PR Drive New Business?

Ask Yourself 10 Questions…

It’s the old adage – is PR about creating awareness or can it possibly be used to influence and drive new business? In our opinion, it can do both. We believe it’s about the creating compelling stories about your business, delivered through great content to drive conversations with target audiences – connecting on the right channels too of course, at the right time.

So we challenge you – ask yourself 10 questions about your PR and communications strategy. If you say yes to less than 7 out of 10 that, you might want to give us a call.

  • Does your PR make your business stand out from your competitors?
  • In fact, are you confident your PR team can name your key competitors?
  • Does your PR team understand the challenges facing your customers – and more importantly, your key prospects?
  • Is your social media strategy aligned to engaging with your key prospects?
  • Can your PR team name your top pipeline of prospects?
  • Do you trust your PR team to identify the right articles about issues taking place in your market, hence keeping you alerted to the latest news about competitors and relevant industry topics?
  • Do you change your company messaging based on the advice of your PR team?
  • Are you confident that your PR team could shape the debate at an industry roundtable that appeals to prospects?
  • Can your PR team name the key influencers that inform the opinions of your prospects e.g. industry bodies, analysts, independent consultants etc?
  • Are you confident that your PR team understands the future trends that effect your business to keep you ahead of what your prospects require?

Whether you use PR to drive thought leadership, communicate news about your business, it’s usually about showing a return on investment in terms of appealing to and attracting new business. Let us know if your PR is measuring up to your new business challenges.

Andrea Hounsham
Director & Co-Owner of Firework PR

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Posted: 9 November 2015

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