Calling small businesses in the North West- we want to hear from you

Calling small businesses in the North West- we want to hear from you

It’s been an interesting six months, getting to grips with a new regional market, putting faces to names and identifying the brands we think we can help the most with PR…

Plus finding the people we most want to work with of course (#life too short)!
We’re uncovering lots of examples of really innovative businesses, large and small – many of whom already have their PR sorted! It appears that Knutsford is generally a regional hub of activity for entrepreneurs with fast growing businesses and we want to pull these brands together at some stage – but more on that later!). But at the same time we’re also stumbling across some surprising companies that aren’t using PR effectively, if at all, and who have nuggets of information, news and customer stories that we know there is an appetite for in the media, here in the North West and at a national level. It seems that there could be a knowledge gap in this region about how companies of all sizes can benefit from strategically from PR. We’re seeing again and again assumptions that PR is only for the big boys, which we know just isn’t true.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the case with everyone. However, we’re coming across this often enough to decide to explore this area a little further.

Luckily it coincided with some work we’re doing with Leeds Business School for its PR masters course and so will shortly be kicking off a research project with one of its bright and sparky students for her Masters Degree.

The premise – finding out why small businesses in the North West choose to do PR and how effective it proves to be, and, more importantly why they don’t! We want to dig deep in understanding what people really think of PR and fundamentally, whether there are barriers to the effective use of PR that need to be addressed.

So if you’re a business in the North West who has strong opinions about PR, or some good (or bad) experiences, get in touch with us. We’d like to talk to you – where appropriate, we’ve developed a very simple questionnaire designed to get an insight into your views on PR. So please don’t hesitate; of course, we’re always up for good strong coffee and a chat!

……. As I write, the cows grazing in the fields next to our offices here in Booths Park in Knutsford, are already lining up – maybe they know something we don’t?

Posted: 13 June 2012

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